Friday, December 31, 2010

Let the Adventure Begin

“Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money, power, and influence.” -Henry Chester


It's New Year's Eve and I've driven all day. The drive was smooth, traffic free, and provided plenty of time to think about the year gone by and the year (or so) to come. I just assume that 2010 didn't happen as it did, but both successes and failures provide great lessons. I've certainly learned a few this past year. Hope I don't repeat the bad ones. I've misjudged some people and situations, and underestimated my weaknesses. But I'm beginning to understand my strengths more. I hope that serves me and my future patients well.

2011 is a new beginning in many ways. Most of all, it's the beginning of the end of school and the start of rotations. I've been here, done this before. I mostly know what I need to do and will fake or figure out the rest. It's exciting yet frightening to realize that applications for residency start soon and Step 2 looms in the horizon. And so, it begins WITH ENTHUSIASM ...the other half. NO curbs allowed!



Settling into new living quarters the next few days, dinner with friends, New Year's Day with old college buddies and then Monday arrives with obstetrics, gynecology and more fun than you can possibly have with a tie and white coat on.


Wishing family, friends a Happy New Year! It's going to be a GREAT year!