Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Here

The culmination of a couple of years of study happens in about a week. Daunting. I have a keen sense of my own value and feel worthy of success, but the uncertainty still looms. I can feel as competent and confident as I want, but if the skill set and test taking mastery isn't there I won't fulfill my obligations. I may need to reassess my goals.

Without the activity of life, I would have never considered this option to begin with. I put aside this dream for a long, long time in exchange for trying to make other parts of my life work and the insecurities. I have rediscovered and resurrected those dreams and am taking the necessary steps. But there must be capacity and capability too. Not so sure about that.

I truly believe that I am deserving of and capable of achieving happiness in this career and have obviously been driven to pursue more expansive goals that many have said I'm not capable of. If you add those who have said how crazy I am to do this, there are few on my side. It boils down to having sufficient faith in myself to at least try and take this necessary evil road. I didn't turn down this opportunity and am giving it my best shot. But is it enough? It is said that believing in your worth is the key to achieving your goal, but in this case, I'm not so sure.

One more week...