Friday, August 28, 2015

I Teach, Therefore I am

Marveled at "10 Things This Instructor Loves" by Jane Dmochowski in the Chronicle of Higher Education. She astutely notes that "affection and respect do far more to improve student behavior in the classroom than snark and irritation." I've always had a healthy respect for students as well as respected those instructors who have respected other students and me as a student. There is something powerful in the relationship between an instructor and growing health care professional student. I've been amazed at how satisfying the process of teaching is.

I too agree with Professor Dmochowski and her 10 things she loves:

1. Students.
2. Students who come to class with an open mind.
3. Students who come to my class to fulfill a requirement but decide to make the most of the experience.
4. Students who give eye contact during a lecture
5. Students who come to me when they need help.
6. Students who aren't afraid to ask questions.
7. Students who tell me not just that they enjoyed my course, but why.
8. Students who have their own ideas.
9. Students who give me unique and powerful things to say in a letter of recommendation.

10. Students who are fully engaged in the learning process.

The list highlights the important contribution the student must make to the relationship. It is a two-way relationship based on responsibilities of both parties. Students who show up with an open mind, good attitude, pay attention, ask thoughtful questions who have their own ideas are my favorite students. We don't have to love each other, but if we make it a point to like each other, and have a vested interest in the others success, the student-instructor link is a powerful one.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Fine Physician Award

Just received this communication from this self prestige publication.


Dear Dr X [that's me!];

It is my pleasure to inform you that based upon your [insert social media name here] Profile, we've selected you as a Top Doctor to be spotlighted in the renowned publication, The Leading Physicians of the World.

Your candidacy was approved this week, and your prompt response is needed to ensure that only your correct professional information in published.
For accuracy purposes, please be sure to visit your personal application website to verify your biographical information at:


LPW highlights and profiles the world's Top Physicians by specialty. The organization has been designed to spotlight physicians that have demonstrated success and leadership in their profession, as well as to provide an opportunity to network, collaborate and share information with other medical professionals from around the globe.

Upon your final confirmation you will join thousands of other highly accomplished physicians, and your biography will appear in The Leading Physicians of the World, where a full color page will be devoted to you, highlighting your achievements, education and offered services. Inclusion in this book is not only a tribute to your success, but it is also a valuable resource for potential patients who are looking for a Top Doctor in their area.

Best wishes for your continued success.
Warm Regards,
Director of Communications


P.S. Remember, there's never a charge for inclusion in The Leading Physicians of the World.


Really? Based on my social medial profile? I am honored by anyone who raves about me, but I'm skeptical at best of any award based on what I chose to put up on any social media site. So thank you IAHCP for the honor. Instead, send me a free year supply of Starbucks Coffee and we'll call it even. OK? Rather a mocha than a full page color anything.