Monday, June 12, 2017

Stunning Rediculousness

I'm afraid we are passed the point of no return. The perceived need for student credentialing has gotten so out of hand and so laborious that it has become nearly impossible to rationalize, let alone complete. It was, after all, a process predicated on full time employment and residents, not for students. A full application packet of materials for a 4 week learning experience borders on insane without any rhyme, reason or real thought. And in the words of one director of medical education, "it just is".  I've never had to follow a lemming, until now.

When something becomes because "it just is", you know you have entered the twilight zone of layered ridiculousness sprinkled with insightful discourse into insanity. There is no hope for medical education in the U.S. at it will be come more and more expensive, with more and more expansive, redundant and absolutely ridiculous paperwork to justify our existences.

Where leadership is lacking, thoughtless bureaucracy is always willing to fill the void.