Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tunnels Found

Presidio, TX - 5 Mexican nationals were killed this morning emerging from a tunnel opening within the city of Presidio today. Police say the individuals, armed with rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons, were confronted by two local farmers returning from the downtown market in the area of the mall. Emerging from the tunnel at the edge of the parking lot, a gun battle ensued when farmers John Smith and Bob McCall saw the men, dressed in camouflage, exit the tunnel opening.

Armed with 2 shotguns in the rifle rack of Mr. Smith's F250 Ford pick up truck, the farmers held the Mexican nationals at the tunnel exit until police arrived 4 minutes after the 911 call from Mr. McCall. Texas Highway Patrol, country deputies and city police responded with enough firepower to neutralize the invaders at the tunnel exit. All of the armed Mexican nationals were killed and no injury was sustained by the farmers or responding law enforcement officers.

During the gunfight that lasted approximately 15 minutes, the surrounding area including 2 schools and the mall were placed on secure lock down. It is apparent from the location of the tunnel as well as maps found in the possession of the Mexicans that the mall and one of the schools was to be the target of their invasion. The investigation continues to and has been turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol, Texas SBI and the FBI. 

"There is likely other tunnels to be located along the Texas-Mexican border" said Border Patrol Capt Sam Remington. The formerly unknown tunnel is confirmation that the nation of Mexico, and particularly the radicle fringe of the Mexican Anti U.S. Army (MAUSA), is likely to be a continuous concern for border citizens of the U.S. When asked for comment during his recent trip to Camp David, President Obama said he is considering sending Army and Marine troops into Mexico to flush out the MAUSA and it's tunnel system.

- Imaginary Press Release. But if you are in Israel, this scenario is your reality. Just imagine.