Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Down, Some To Go

The first rotation is about over and time to reflect and transition to the next. I've really enjoyed the site, preceptor and the plethora of pathology. GREAT learning for sure. I also know that a constant diet of diseased vaginas, cervices, uteri and ovaries won't be my full time gig anytime in the future. Great to know that I understand the nuances of the specialty though. I'm sure I'll see much of this again.


It's been quite the tour of the female system in health and wellness from the technically specific presentation on pipette removal of egg parts and sperm chromosome modification of grand rounds, to the more mundane emergent patient presentations of membrane rupture, premature labor and peri-natal bleeding. It's also been quite the education in the finances and politics of healthcare. A sad, sad commentary on how the U.S. treats it's citizens and the right to healthcare.

I find it fascinating that while we pay taxes to keep public school running in almost every state and jurisdiction in the country, we have the most split, fractioned mechanisms for providing basic health care to the populations most at need. I find it unconscionable that we spend billions on destruction and rebuilding other countries and find it hard to find moneys' to address the core nutrition, peri-natal, and women's health care services. To be more specific would violate HIPAA and many other federal laws, but to not feel the issue at the jugular level is inhumane.

So we move through the day, one patient at a time, doing what we can do. I appreciate that there are some seasoned clinicians who have the time, resources, morals and ethics to do what is necessary, when it's necessary for who needs it most. I've been lucky to meet and work with some of them this past month. Hope the next one is more of the same.